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October 15, 2009

Black Country Museum (part 1)

Here are just a few of the pics of The Black Country Museum..it is such a fantastic place..like stepping back in time..this one is a little nearer to me than Blist Hill, and i just love it...you can go into all the houses & buildings and people are in there and they dress authentically & talk to you as if they are actually living in the time era....We had such a laugh when we were last there in August, some folk who worked there re-enacted a street argument between 2 women..it was so very funny,their husbands dragged them back indoors,...after that  when you went into the various houses on the street, the folk who were supposed to be living there..were talking about it, and taking sides or saying how disgusting the women were etc..it was just like been part of a film set...and so very Funny and cleverly done, it really was a fantastic day out..we all Loved it,...but we always do...fantastic place, the Old Fish & Chip Shop still cooks on old equipment as was used 100 years ago,and uses the same ingredients..you can buy the fish & chips and they are wonderful ONLY problem was the prices were NOT as they were in the old days LOL, also you could Drink real old ale in the Pub that is there, just like it was in my grandma's day ....loads more pics to..(.but i dont want to bore you, as i could go on about this for ages)...i think if you click onto some of the  pictures they will enlarge and you will be able to see it better.


  1. Anonymous3:42 pm

    That place is so cool

  2. We will have to visit this place when we come to see you!! Its really amazing, we don't have anything like that here. :)

  3. I would LOVE you and your Mom to visit the Black Country Museum with me..you would Love it i'm sure..just like stepping back in time to an England that as all but disappeared now..but i can still remeber some of it been like that when i was a little girl...a long, long time ago now.

  4. Dee has one foot out the door! What a truly wonderful adventure! I think the past has so much to teach us,it is great to see it being saved and shared! I wish we had more of that to see. xxxx Kerry


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