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October 13, 2009

The Rabbit Nobody Wanted..until now.

This is the latest member of the family..i have named him Oliver (or Ollie) because i had just been to book up for the stage musical 'Oliver'...we go on trips  arranged by the local Garden Centre, ..so i decided to have a look around while i was there...I saw lots of little bunnies selling @ £30 each, females in one pen, males in another....then there was this little fellow in another  pen the only rabbit with lots of guinea pigs and he was only £10.....i asked an assistant why he was on his own and not with the other bunnies, and why he was so much cheaper....Its because no -one wants him she said, he as been here over 6 months, so he as been put in with the guinea pigs for a few months, hoping that someone will notice him more, but still no-one as brought him....i was SO upset..NO BODY WANTS HIM...how sad is that, i think maybe its because of his colour, (all the others were cute little whites, and multi coloured ones, & he was much bigger because he had been there so long)...Also she said if he is not sold by the end of October they are taking him to a pet shop.....a PET shop, is that just another name for something more nasty ??..any way my friend Marg who was with me told the assistant..thats it..Joy will have him now,..she was right i couldn't bear to think no one wanted the dear little thing...Seb my lovely old rabbit died recently, so i already have an indoor cage for cold weather, a lovely big outdoor hutch for summer..and lots of food and toys..so it made sense i suppose, I was going to get one eventually...but had decided to wait until next spring as i still miss Seb....i brought the little chap home and here he is....he is very quiet and i think his little personality as got to develop....but he is so sweet & i love him already...how could no-one have wanted him, the poor little mite.


  1. Im sorry to hear about Seb (((HUGS))), and happy to hear about Oliver. It was truly meant to be that you found Oliver! I think Seb might have arranged for this to happen. You were at the right place at the right time. Oliver is absolutely adorable!! :)

  2. Thanks Dee...its nice to think Seb may arranged it...he was a pretty clever old rabbit LOL..Oliver is a sweetie, but it was hard losing Seb..he was a total character,used to come running to me in the mornings & practically jumped into my arms..also he was a best friend to Moses..they used to chase each other around..1st moses would chase Seb..then Seb would chase Moses. He used to jump on the sofa and watch t.v. with me for hours..i'd have Seb one side & the cats all around me..every one of the cats accepted Seb, he had no fear, i suppose it was becausee he wasbrought up with them since he was tiny...he used to be my grandsons rabbit a few years ago, and he was brought up with lots of cats (nessa's)..so they never phased him when he came here..the 2 youngest cats used to get in his cage with him..he loved that. I hope Oliver eventually does the same.

  3. I am so happy you took Oliver home with you! I am sorry to hear about Seb, it is so sad to lose a friend. I do hope your Oliver helps lessen the loss. You are a very kind and loving person, Joy. xxxxx, Kerry


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