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October 28, 2009

Removed my grey day post..it was too depressing.

I have decided to remove my grey day post....it was just me sounding off and i am sorry...but thank you to my kind friends who commented on it..dont know why i get these really low days..there are so many folk MUCH worse off than me..


  1. I think you have a right to a bad day and if you like use your blog to vent. We all feel bad sometimes. I love the pictures of all your little ones and am sure they make you happy. If I need a smile I get it from my grandchildren too! Life does get hard at times and they are so new, not sour yet. We are living in such hard times right now and I do wish the young one's a wonderfuil future. Feel better soon my dear friend, you are so needed. Love tons, Kerry

  2. I didn't read your post Joy, I haven't been on the blogs very much lately. It sounds like the post was very sad and Im sorry your feeling blue. Please dont think you have to delete posts for us, only do that if its for you. Your blog is for you and if you want to write sad things then its ok. Here is a {{{HUG}}} for you! I hope everything is looking up. :)

  3. Your Grand Children are beautiful. I hope your feeling better. Take care Joy. Sharon

  4. Thank you all for been so kind...it really does help..i am a bit feeling better today..Just so very tired.. almost grinding to a halt..have got to have a 'fasting'blood test for my diabetes this week...that could explain a lot, i know these symptoms can be diabetic...so it will be good to have that checked.. I have had huge stress in the family this past week..will write & explain it all soon Kerry (its NOT Ness, this time so do not worry) ,,but it as drained me...but thank you all for your kind thoughts..it does mean a lot.


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