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October 14, 2009

Day out at Blist Hill Museum (at long last !!)

I keep forgetting to post some of my pictures of  Blist Hill Museum..i spent a day there in early August...It is a great place, just like stepping back in time about 100 years or more..All the buildings are original and have been moved brick by brick into their new home on the site...all the goods in the shops are as they were at the turn of the centuary or earlier& the staff all wear authentic costumes. I also love the Black Country museum and will post some of those pictures later ( they are both similar) but Blist hill seems to have a lot more shops & business's, but the buildings are just as they were..The Black country as more homes, a working mine & shows how life was for the poor at that time... I found both so interesting..i love history and i remember my grans house & furniture etc been very similar when i was a kid.....i could visit these places every week and not get fed up..so could Simon (my oldest son)..we have got  special tickets that enables us to go as many times as we likes in a year..its only about an hour or so away from Tamworth in the car..but it is a brilliant day out..even the grandkids enjoy it...Things are so very different now..it does them good to see how different things are today..life is so much easier..especially for the poor..only the wealthy could live comfortably in those days at the turn of the century...the last picture just fascinates me..it shows some lovely old brickwork and arches places like this were often built around the local towns.


  1. I love the picture's! I find great comfort in the days gone by, but I know it had to be a very hard time too. I love history too, I can never get enough. I do like the comforts we have and I fill my house with as much history as I can. It never fails someone will say they remember their mother or grandmother having something they see. It puts a smile on the face. I would love to see the Black Country Museum, what a thrill! Take many pictures, Joy!

  2. That museum is wonderful Joy. I would love to visit, I can see why you love it so much. My Mom would never want to leave. The brick work is beautiful I agree. And so much to see! The old furniture, the old clothes, great pictures Joy. :)


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