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October 23, 2009

Scottish Highland Cattle.

Here are a Few pics of Highland Cattle..i wonder if these are the ones you have seen over in Idaho ??..i love them, when i go to Scotland we see lots of them they are lovely animals...i love their long hair...its even longer in winter time to keep them warm in those Scottish Highland winters.


  1. I don't think you would be seeing cattle like that in Idaho. Our cows and bulls are much more beautiful! lol Hope you are doing good. I am beat as always. And please forgive me for not coming around more. Did you see my post with the link to Nienie's appearance on Oprah? If not, check it out when you can. Be good to yourself.

  2. Those are such beautiful cattle! I wish we had those here. Amazing!! xxxx Kerry

  3. We do have a few of these right here Joy. The first time I saw one, I had no idea what it was. My husband told me. They are pretty. You have a great variety of colors there. I enjoyed the pictures. Take care, Sharon

  4. I thought our Scottish Highland Cattle..looked like the ones in Kerrys picture ?..not sure though..but Seth tells me yours are prettier??.LOL


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