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October 12, 2009

The Last Flowers & Shrubs of Autumn 2009

Its getting so very cold now, i do not think we will see these flowers for very much longer this year.
I was looking at a few blogs yesterday and it was lovely to see some of the flowers folk had put on their blogs to share with others,...So i thought i would do the same, there is still some colour in my little garden as you can see...but so much of it as died off now, these are a few of my 'hangers on'.
I do love all the rich colours of this time of year, i must take my camera out and try and catch some of the Autumnal trees &Shrubs in the area. It looks as if i need to treat some of my roses, as a couple of them seem to have some sort of disease.. I dont want that to come back next year. I have been  remembering the times when i spent most my spare time in the garden....it gets sadly overlooked now...I really must make more effort....(arthritis & tiredness permitting)..i took these pictures 35 minutes ago.... and it is completely dark out there now..night fall comes so quickly in late Autumn over here.


  1. Great pictures Joy. your flowers are beautiful. Mine are almost gone now. I started a new bed this year and it just barely had time to establish when we got our first snow. It is still warm enough that I think they will be oo next season. It's nice to enjoy them as long as we can.

  2. I love the pictures taken that late in the day, it makes the colors of the flowers so bold. Your flowers are beautiful Joy. :)

  3. I am always sorry to see the flowers go. Yours are still lovely! Enjoy them while they last. I think you have so much color in your garden! The cold has hit us here, it is raining tonight, all the trees are getting bare. I love the fall colors too, just hit us too fast. Do put on some fall pictures!I will try to do the same.


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