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October 15, 2009

Few More Black Country Museum Pics

A few more pics of the museum..you could go into all the Shops & houses and they were all traditionally furnished as the homes of the poor would have been about 100 years ago...the last time we were there..many of the houses were supposedly inhabited by traditionally dressed folk..and they chatted to you as if they were actually living in those times....NOT in 2009


  1. Amazing pictures Joy! I love this place! :)

  2. That is the greatest place. Dee came rushing in this morning wanting to move there! I am with her. What a truely get place to explore the past! It is so filled with the best stuff and I want to see it all! Maybe someday. You will have to enjoy it for us. Kerry

  3. I would LOVE you & Dee to share that place with me..it is SO interesting and there is something new there each time i go ( well something 'old' really but you know what i mean..i just know you would both love it..i will put some more pics on my blog soon.


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