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April 11, 2010


Just testing the close-up function on my camera, not too many flowers out in my garden as yet..i do love the bright yellows and blues when they are in bloom..but there aren't any yet, only a few daffodils that are starting to wither and this lonely little primula. I hope the weather warms up soon, i want to put Oliver rabbit in his outside hutch..i'm sure he will like it more than his indoor cage..Seb used to love his hutch..even when he had the run of the garden,he would keep going in and out having a rest in there..Moses(cat) used to love to share it with him..he loved Moses they were good friends..must put some pics of them on my blog again. Oliver is very timid and seems much more of a loner..but i'm sure he will grow to love his outdoor house..it is bigger and had got 2 levels with a ramp up to the top floor.


  1. I would love to see more pictures of your little loves. The flower is beautiful Joy, your so lucky to have them. Spring has sprung at your house! :)

  2. Only just Dee..i took this picture close up..but the rest of the garden as a fair way to go yet..after all that sunshine it was so cold and Wet again yesterday..but suns out again today.


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