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April 13, 2010

My TIDY Garden shed

I have given my garden shed a much needed clean up..it was a bit of a mess (what an understatement)..i actually think i will keep this little table and chairs in here, and get a new bigger set for the garden itself..then i can still eat in the garden even if its raining or cold..am i gettting to be a batty old biddy !!..answers on a postcard please !! When anyone comes to visit this little table isn't big enough anyway..I do have a couple of old garden chairs..but i gave my old garden table & chairs set away.
I think all this shed tidying and planning is just another sign of me going Spring Crazy !!!....i NEED sunshine and fresh air !!


  1. Great shed Joy! I have spring fever too. So so bad! Sunshine and fresh air would be lovely! :)

  2. Very nice space and so neat! I would love a garden shed. We are still working on the yard, I think it will take some time yet. I love how tidy it all looks, it looks so peacefull! xxx Kerry


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