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April 15, 2010

more pics of Simba the Maine Coon

Thought i'd put another couple of pics of Simba on my blog,(Please see the one below)..he really is a very big boy for his age..and already weighs as much as a fully grown normal cat...but he is such a character..and very 'different' looking isn't he..i can see why they called him Simba..its his ears that make me laugh...and his personality, Ness says he is ugly ( that is cruel)..i just think he's different..but lovely...what do you think ??


  1. I Love Cats! These are so different but really neat looking.

  2. I am so allergic to cats, its sad because I think they are just beautiful. Simba is gorgeous!!

  3. Very cute cat. Sometimes it is easy to love the odd ones. I love an under dog. He is a nice looking cat. I can see why you love him!


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