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April 11, 2010

Victor and Tinkerbell

I just thought i would put this picture of Victor my daughters Bassett Hound..and Tinkerbell the Cat..they are another unlikely friendship,very good pals..We used to say that because of the identical colour she could have been his baby...with THOSE ears..on second thoughts now way.LOL.


  1. What a lovely couple, Joy.

    Hugs.. Carole x

  2. Thanks Carole..Victor is lovely with other animals..my Rosie (the Rottie) didn't bother with any other dogs EVER..but she just loved Victor and would follow him around everywhere..and cuddle up to him to go sleep..it must be those ears that are so appealing..but animals can sense when another animal is friendly cant they..Vic is my favourite Boy..He was named after Victor
    Meldrew ( one foot in the Grave)who always looked Miserable in the show..but poor old Victor just looks it,.. he is really a happy dog.

  3. I love Victor! Awww aren't they cute togehter!

  4. Thanks Dee..i'll sort some more animal pics out. xxxxxxx


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