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April 06, 2010

Some Spring Colour at Last.

Spring at long last !!...i have been whining about how depressing my garden is for the last couple of weeks ( with just a couple of colourful blooms but NO bright yellows, that always say spring to me) :)......I dont know if its a combination of all the rain and then some recent sunshine..but my Forsythia as obliged by giving some much needed bright colour, and i now also have a FEW mini Daffodils and Polyanthus etc showing off their pretty faces (more to come hopefully)..so i feel as if my garden is at last waking up !!...I love it when all the, blues come out along with the yellows.... The Aquilegia's (grannies Bonnets) and Campanula's..and now my Dicentra (bleeding heart) have started poking their little heads through as well..hopefully in the next few weeks my small garden will have awoke from its Winter slumber....Spring is my favourite Season, I like it better than Summer, early Summer is nice, but when it gets too hot and we need to get the hose pipes out, i sometimes find it very tiring...but Spring is a sign of 'New Life' and i always start to feel a little better about things at this time....does that make me fickle ??..i hope not..but i do have to admit to been a bit on the 'grumpy' side when the weather is cold & grey..especially after we have had a long winter that seemed to drag on....The weather forcast for the next week ahead seems very good too...apparently it will be very warm on Thursday & that will herald a brighter season hopefully..cant wait !!


  1. It all looks so great! I am still waiting for some color in my yard. I am just in a hurry to get out into the sunshine and enjoy all the lovely flowers! I enjoy looking at yours! xxxKerry

  2. No it doesn't make you fickle, LOL, we all get that way I think. Im so happy your having spring weather. Please send some our way! LOL. xxxxxxxxxx


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