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April 10, 2010

More Welsh Pics

Two more pics of our day out in Wales..the white houses are the typical houses in this part of the country,very pretty,but quite small..they always look lovely and clean..the package Les is holing is a Dream Catcher that i brought for myself. I have wanted one for a long time..i'll hang it in my bedroom...The other picture was a Sewerage (dirty water) treatment plant in Llangollen..we are looking at it from the top of the Aquaduct..just think all the sewerage from the area goes into this and is then purified and comes out the other end..travels a short distance down the valley..into the river..then a little further down it is scooped up again and is taken to a Clean water treament works..from there it is completely purified and comes back out in huge pipes and is then pumped to all the homes in the area..pure clean water....i hope i'm not waffling here..but i learned all this from a friend of mine who worked in the Industry for 50 years and used to love to talk about it..i suppose its something i would never really give a second thought to...but it does make you think when you look at a simple plant like this one here..that the water/sewage is almost black when it goes in..and totally PURE when filtration is complete...HHHHmmm perhaps its better NOT to think about it...must go and get myself a BOTTLE of water..think i'll give the tap a miss tonught..LoL.

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  1. I love dream catchers, I have one too. I would love to see a picture of yours.

    I have thought about water treatment plants a lot Joy and I think as long as you don't think about it too hard it will be ok, LOL. It is an amazing process, but a bit disturbing at the same time. We have well water here, but we had treated water in Nevada.

    I love the way that they houses look over there. You live in a very beautiful place Joy.



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