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April 19, 2010

My little Black Panther

I hope i'm not in danger of going 'catty batty'..I just wanted to put this picture of Momo (Moses)in his 'cat tent'..all the cats love it except Lady (wouldn't you know) she just walks past it spitting & hissing' at whoever is inside at the time...I'm not quite sure if its at the tent, or the occupants ?..but she will NOT go inside it for love nor money...The others love it, Vanessa brought it for Momo originally, as he used to love the one she got for her cats..but they all share this one. Jacey sleeps in it each night.
Mo resembles a minature Black Panther now he is growing up, his face as a similar shape, his tail is also very long...and his walk is panther like as well..but thats where the similarity ends..Momo is a gentle cat and very friendly.


  1. Moses is gorgeous!! Very shiney and sleek. And that cat house - wow!! I covet that. I just have a red plastic cheapie thing from IKEA that Muttie's work colleague gave her cos her own cat hated it. Yeah, well, he hated it for a reason!

    Milt xx

  2. Not going batty, my friend in Atlanta would love your blog, she feeds stray cats around her office and around her home, and when she can, she traps them and takes them to the vet so no more stay kittens!
    Hugs... Carole. x

  3. Thanks Milt..i love your blog too..but dont tell my guys..(because they think i dont know that they secretly write to you)..they would have a LOT to say about your Ikea one i'm sure..this one was from Ikea as well..love from Baileys Mom..Joy xxx

  4. Thanks Carole...i LOVE cats too..how kind of your friend to take care of all the strays and make sure they dont have kittens..(wonder what Milt & Bailey would make of this..hope they never find out !!!)..LoL..Hugs Joy xx

  5. Moses - I'll swap you my cheapie Ikea for yours, huh? Guess what Moses, I caught a mouse last night! I brought it into Paw's house. Muttie was at her own flat and he rang her.
    "Milton's got a mouse!!!!! What do I do????"
    "Open the doors and let it go free and grab The Milt," she said.
    Well, you know, I'm still hunting for that mouse under the couch yet!!

    Milt x

  6. Well done Milt !!..did you have some fun with it?..Ma says she hates it when we play with the things we catch, she shrieks real loud as well, ..So she brought me one of those little furry toy ones..I ask you what good are they !! she even put it on the end of a stick dangling from some string..PPPPLEASE ! I have to pretend i enjoy jumping up and grabbing it,.Lady just sits there, sneering... but i salute you Milt, you got the real thing buddy...it'll come out tonight when they are in bed, then you can have some real fun, but tomorrow there will be tears before breakfast if she finds it dead..so dont leave it around Milt..otherwise it will be a case of..'You naughty Cat..i hate it when you do this..no treats for you today' !!..just for doing what we've done for centuries...we cant win Milt..have a good Day..Bailey xx

  7. What a lovely cat! We don't have one, but the people across the road have three or four. They mouse not only thier house, but ours as well. I love the cat bed, how nice for them.


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