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April 09, 2010

Day Out in Wales

My friend Leslie, who lives in Germany is over in the U.K. for a few days visiting her Dad & friends. We had a lovely day out in Wales yesterday, went to Llangollen, where she was born, and lived for many years of her life. Leslie wanted to get a new Kayak..as she goes kayaking all over the World and they have a special Sports shop there that sells them, along with all the clothing that you need as well, wet suits etc.
Then we went to the Aquaducts..(will put some pics of those in the next post)..These 2 pics are of the whitewater repids...we had lunch in that old building that runs along the side of them..its a lovely restaurant and there are outside gardens to eat in the warm weather,(although you cant see them from this angle)....It was packed yesterday as it WAS a lovely warm day in Wales..so we had dinner overlooking the river...Leslie as kayaked down these rapids...but she said they are not as strong as some in other parts of the World..on the opposite side of the river was the railway station..it was like stepping back in time, as most of the trains where the old Steam trains..i loved them..we watched those as we ate our meal as well.I came home feeling so much better than i have lately..its amazing what just getting out in the sunshine and fresh air can do...it was colder back home though, even though its less than two hours away, although probably its because it was fairly late when we got back...cant wait to go again when the trees and flowers are out, its even nicer then. At least the rain as stopped now..,am going to hopefully get into the garden today.

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  1. What a wonderful day out with your friend Leslie! She sounds very brave with her kayaking. xxxxxx


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