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April 15, 2010

I just HAD to put this one on !!

I had to put this picture on as i think it is SO funny..this is Simba..he is Adam & Nessa's..youngest cat,he is only 5 months old..but already HUGE. He is a Maine-Coon and they do grow very large..I think they come fom Maine in the U.S. ??..He has so much personality and is very clever..Ness (my daughter) gets a bit cross with him, as i think he has a mind of his own..and does what he wants to do regardless of what he is told..i think Adam had just brushed his teeth in this picture ( he brushes all the cats teeth every day)and they have got eight !!..
I can just imagine trying to clean my Lady's teeth, she would leave home, after she had drew blood, lots of blood !!!!...So would Bailey..not too sure about Momo, but i am taking him to Ness & Adams with me next week..so no doubt we will find out as Adam is bound to try and clean his as well !!!...LOL..The only one who might let me clean her teeth is Jacey as she is pretty good and tolerant.


  1. Great picture! LOL! Ive never seen cats get their teeth cleaned, do they like it?

  2. No Dee..they HATE it !!! LOL..but Adam as done them all since they were kittens..they have got 8 cats !!!..are they nuts ??..i dont clean my cats teeth ever...but i must admit Adam's cats have all got lovely whiite teeth, even the vet commented on them..mine wouldn't let me get near them with a toothbrush..they would hate it..he does use special cat toothpaste..so i suppose there are other folk out there that must do them as well....must be mad..just give them crunchie biscuits..they do the job well enough for me...Hugs Joy xxxx

  3. What a cute face!! I love it!! That face makes me laugh. LOL!!!! {Hugs} Kerry


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